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About Us

It is founded by a Delhi based and dedicated Landscape designer, Botanist, Environmentalist, Feng shui practitioner: Dr. Reetu Khosla. She is a Botanist with Ph.D degree from Delhi University , has 26 years of experience in landscape designing, She specializes in creating Zen Gardens , Vertical and Herbal Gardens . She also gives consultancy for Waste management and Rain Water Harvesting.She has written two books on Environment related topics , one of them is on organic farming.

Dr. Reetu Khosla has won many Awards in Delhi University flower Shows for consective 12 years.

Our Services

Lawn’s & Hedges

A well manicured lawn is created using grass varieties such as Selection one , Nilgiri or mexican. The choice of grass depends on duration and intensity of sunlight at the site.

Water Bodies

Water features in gardens create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Vertical Garden

Vertical green walls give a new dimension to the garden area
Vertical Garden are used to beautify small or big walls in balconies , terraces and boundary walls of offices, Atrium,  restaurants etc.


A rockery is created in a small portion of a big garden. It is beautified using cacti , succulents and other colourful plants.

Decorative Garden Walls

According to available sun light conditions a variety of beautiful plants are used in Vertical panels.

Garden Lights

Mushroom lights and Focus lights. Rock Lights & tree lights.

Gift Planters

A variety of planters can be used in the garden with beautiful small plants.

These planters are attractive gifting items.


Growing Orchids are in Delhi NCR is no longer a challenge.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to add color and variety to your landscape. They can be used to decorate porches, patios, fences, walls, or even trees.

Herbal Garden / Medicinal Plants

A great vatiety of Herbs , shrubs and climbers ca be used to create a herbal garden. A name plate is placed in front of each plant.

“Reetuji is very professional in her approach and meticulously handles multiple things. Our export house is in Noida and she did up our atrium very beautifully. It is a delicate space to handle because it does not get much sunlight. Reetuji made the perfect combination of shade plants and succulents and cacti that are still doing well after six months. We loved the landscaping she did with stone mushroom lights and a fountain for the Zen effect. She got the wall behind painted to add colour and life to the entire place. The atrium has actually become the highlight of our factory.”

Nitin Batra
Fabstract Clothing India Private Ltd

"Thorough knowledge of plants and fertilisers. Perfection in landscaping. The beautifully lit garden, highlighted with artifacts is much appreciated by our guests."

Dr Sukhbir Gujral, Gurugram
Services - Lawn, Vertical garden, Zen garden