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We offer you beautiful outer and inner surroundings by Landscaping, interior designing , feng shui and environment friendly practices.

We compose designs for both interior and exterior spaces. Be it a Building, Showroom, House, Apartment, Office, Restaurant, or an Industrial unit. We execute even small areas such as a balcony / driveway / backyard or verandahs.








Industrial Unit







Zen Garden

Zen Garden or Japanese rock garden is a speciality of Reetus GreenSpace.

Small or large Zen gardens can be created using Buddhists or other statues with rocks , pebbles , plants and water features.

These gardens evoke feelings of peace and tranquility.


A Zen Garden created in a small portion of a big garden. It is beautified using cacti , succulents and other colourful plants.

Lawn’s & Hedges

A well manicured lawn is created using grass varieties such as Selection one , Nilgiri or mexican. The choice of grass depends on duration and intensity of sunlight at the site.

Hedges are used to demarcate the different regions of the garden. Hedges add colour to the garden , we use both perrenial and annual hedges.Colourful flowering hedges used by us are several species of Ixora , Hamelia , Euphorbia , Hibiscus , Tecoma etc

Hardy perennial hedges can be pruned to give attractive shapes.

Annual Hedges

During winter months hedges of perrenial plants along with colourful annuals , bring brightness to the garden.

Beds of Allysum, Pansy, Dianthus, Mesambryanthemum etc can make your garden look vibrant and colourful.

Water Bodies

Water features in gardens create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Depending on available space a variety and designs of waterfalls and fountains can be explored.

Aquatic animal figures can be used to decorate the water bodies.

Water Bodies

A single large fountain or a row of small fountains with attractive lights are aesthetically pleasing. They energize the outdoor space with sound and movement.


Vertical green walls give a new dimension to the garden area.

Vertical Garden are used to beautify small or big walls in balconies , terraces and boundary walls of offices, Atrium,  restaurants etc.

According to available sun light conditions a variety of beautiful plants are used in Vertical panels.


Some of the plants used by us for the Green walls are dwarf species of Songonium, Chlorophyton, Impatience, Rhoeo , Tradescantia .

Jade , Euphorbia,  ferns and Philodendron are also used to cover up unattractive walls.

Vertical green walls give a new dimension to the garden area.